Dental treatment in Korea ranges from general dental treatments such as treatment of dental cavities to more advanced procedures such as jaw surgery. Each dental clinic has a wide range of dental professionals and specialists, state-of-the-art equipment and its own dental laboratory for production of dental materials, so you can receive all procedures you need in one dental clinic.

Successful treatment in Korea

Aesthetic dental treatments 

Prosthodontic treatments

Facial asymmetry correction, square jaw reduction, long face correction

Zygoma reduction (cheekbone reduction surgery)

jaw reduction (V-line jaw surgery)

Benefits of dental treatment in Korea

Professional medical staff

Korean medical staff have accumulated extensive experience in treating a variety of dental cases, and continue to strengthen their clinical knowledge and skills through overseas training programs. 


The entire process of treatment, surgery, and follow-up care can be performed in one dental clinic.

Minimal pain and stress

Minimally invasive surgery techniques minimize pain, side effects and incision scars, ensuring accurate surgical procedures. 

Use of high quality materials

High-end implants, braces and other dental materials made in Korea and the United States are used.

Cost for dental treatment in Korea

Temporomandibular joint surgery (jaw joint surgery) $5,400
Odontectomy (tooth extraction) $100
Dentures $300
Implants $1,100- $2,300
Dental prosthesis $700
Dental crowns $460- $770
Alveolar bone graft (dental bone graft) $890

Frequently asked questions and answers

How can I find out how much my treatment will cost?

Disease cases among patients are diverse, and if you want to know an exact estimate of the treatment costs, please contact us. We will suggest accurate directions for treatment tailored to different disease cases. Medical specialists will research your case history thoroughly and let you know the best plan for treatment in detail. Consultation and treatment planning is provided without charge.

Why do I need a medical coordinator?

A medical coordinator can give you specific information about treatments suitable for your illness, including a list of available hospitals, cost comparisons, as well as information about treatments. A professional coordinator needs to be well aware of the Korean medical system for the best treatment and greatest convenience of patients.

How much is the service charge?

Our service is free of charge. You only need to pay for your treatment, without any additional costs.

Why We Travel Health agencies are the best choice.

We take care of all procedures related to your entry to Korea and accompany you throughout the treatment process, providing an interpretation service. As we are located in Korea, we are ready to respond 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We also provide a post medical service so that patients continue to have treatment after returning to their countries.

Why treatment costs are not always accurate. How can I plan my budget more accurately?

As each patient’s condition is different, we can only give an approximate cost based on the medical documentation and history that a patient has sent. The exact details of the tests and treatment methods can only be determined after a doctor sees you in person. After the basic examination,  additional checkups or consultations with experts may be necessary for an accurate diagnosis, so costs for treatment can vary greatly. Although we will suggest the most reasonable estimate considering all circumstances related to the patient, please note that actual costs may still differ to the original estimate.

How much does it cost for a hospital stay per day?

The cost is calculated individually depending on medicines and treatments required. For a general care unit, it costs $300 per day on average.