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for health
Treatment and wellness in Korea
We Travel Health provides a one-stop service for your stay in Korea, from arrival to departure, as well as medical treatment. We care about quick recovery and long-term effect of treatment.
We choose the best hospitals and doctors, erase language barriers, filling your trip with vivid impressions.
Here is how We Travel Health works.
Medical departments of We Travel Health





Obstetrics and gynecology


Plastic and reconstructive surgery



Examinations and diagnoses

Korean Medicine (Hanbang)

Other diseases and conditions


Hair loss

7 days / 6 nights
2500 $
LEE MOON WON Korean medicine clinic

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How does  We Travel Health help?

Located in Korea, We Travel Health is well aware of how the medical system works in Korea.
With our 10 years of experience, we provide foreign patients with the maximum benefit and convenience,
and help them to proceed with treatment.

Complimentary sevice

Our service is free of charge. One only needs to pay for the treatment without additional costs.

The perfect choice for your treatment

We inform you of the best plan for treatment. With our accumulated experience and knowledge of more than 10 years, we help you choose the hospital and medical team that best suits your needs by comparing hospitals, including the work history of medical teams and the treatment costs.

One stop service for your treatment

We take care of all the necessary processes for your treatment, including flight ticket reservations, pick-up and interpretation services, 24/7 responses to queries, tours, medicine delivery, and telemedicine for post treatment.

For customer satisfaction

We put our customers first and prioritize customer needs.

Staying in Korea like a local

A mobile service has been developed to address issues during your stay, including language barriers, transportation, food, and travel. It helps to make your stay in Korea comfortable and convenient, making you feel at home.